Supported by Karolinska Institute

The company is supported with grants from Karolinska Institute Innovation AB to promote business development.The company adopts a clear strategy developing Supernitro for the treatment of acute Pulmonary Hypertension.  Funds for intensified development are provided through a convertible loan and soft money from the Novo Nordic Foundation, SweLife and Karolinska Innovation.

Attgeno registered

Attgeno AB is registered to facilitate the commercial development of the new concept for creating new NO donating compositions.  Patent development is funded by own resources and in part by the company Aerocrine who receives the rights of Attgeno´s patent application for the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism. Attgeno wins the first prize in Karolinska Institute’s innovation competition.

The start

Professor Lars Gustafsson and Magnus Persson discover that endogenous NO can be measured in the exhaled air in animals and humans.  The research group launches a comprehensive program to study the importance of NO in the pulmonary and cardiovascular systems and the potential of the discovery of NO for future diagnostics and therapy.  Christofer Adding and Per Agvald and towards the end of the period Kristofer Nilsson. Dag Linnarsson is linked to the group through