The Attgeno organization

The Attgeno team contains the synthesis of world leading Nitric Oxide experts and individuals with a record of successful commercialization of discoveries in the fields of nitric oxide biology and chronic pulmonary hypertension. 

In the Nitric Oxide field, the Attgeno team contains members that have been prime contributors to the only two clinical applications originating from the discovery of Nitric Oxide in 1987:

  1. The late Professor Lars E. Gustafsson and Assistant Professor Magnus Persson discovered exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) and founded the company Aerocrine that developed and commercialized a diagnostic instrument (NIOX┬«) to monitor asthma treatment. The Swedish asthma diagnostic company Aerocrine was acquired by biotech Circassia for EUR 171 million in June 2015. 

  2. Attgeno team scientific advisor Professor Claes Frostell was, together with MSU Professor Warren Zapol, instrumental in the development of inhaled nitric oxide as a treatment for premature infants with respiratory insufficiency. FDA approved inhalation gas INOmax® for the treatment of hypoxic respiratory failure of the term and near-term newborn in 1993.

In the field of chronic pulmonary hypertension, Attgeno chairman of the board Magnus Persson and former Attgeno board member Elisabet Lindberg have been contributing parts in building Actelion Ltd, a billion-Euro company with blockbuster drugs for the treatment of chronic pulmonary hypertension. The acquisition of Actelion by Johnson & Johnson for a total purchase price of approximately EUR 24 billion in cash was announced in June 2017.

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