The Company

Attgeno AB, home of Supernitro, is a Swedish clinical stage pharmaceutical company founded by a research group at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, to develop and bring to market new nitric oxide (NO)-donating technology and products. Our first drug candidate, Supernitro, is based on a novel principle developed by Attgeno and is intended to reverse life-threatening high blood pressure in the lungs (acute pulmonary hypertension, aPH). Attgeno has recently completed a Phase IIa study on patients that have developed aPH after cardiac surgery. The study which included 12 evaluable patients in total, was completed during the spring of 2024. However, Supernitro might also be used to treat other conditions where directed, organ specific, delivery of NO is vital. Read More

Attgeno is led by individuals with a history of building successful companies related to NO and pulmonary hypertension. Thus, current and former Attgeno team members have been prime contributors to this field, including the development and FDA approval of the NO inhalation systemINOmax® and the Niox analyzer for asthma monitoring. Board members have also contributed to the development of Actelion Ltd, a billion-Euro company producing blockbuster drugs for the treatment of chronic pulmonary hypertension. 

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