Board of Directors

Magnus Persson

MD, PhD, Assoc. Professor, Chairman of the Board

Magnus Persson was born 1960. He is a pediatric physician, holds a PhD and is a lecturer from Karolinska Institutet. Magnus has a long background in the frontline nitric oxide research including NO-donors. In addition to several groundbreaking publications his pioneering research on exhaled NO led Magnus to be co-founder of Aerocrine, a company that developed a measurement method for exhaled NO to optimize asthma treatment. Aerocrine was sold to Circassia for over EUR 151 million a few years ago.

Magnus has over 100 years of board experience in the pharmaceutical industry and has been actively involved in over a dozen stock market introductions. Magnus’s experience is based on early development of investment funds in both Sweden and abroad focusing on investments in life science. Magnus is former partner and founder in the Nordic region’s largest life-science fund HealthCap in Sweden. Hereafter he was recruited as a Managing Partner in The San Francisco based The Column Group.

Magnus possesses a unique combination of experience in the business world and R&D development and extensive knowledge of NO and NO donating drugs.

Anna Törner

PhD, Board Member

Anna Törner is a respected leader in the field of Regulatory Affairs, boasting extensive experience across clinical trial design and regulatory strategy. She holds a Ph.D. in Medical Science from Karolinska Institutet and has significant roles in multiple organizations. Currently, she is a VP of Strategic Regulatory Affairs at Cytel and a board member at MedCap AB, Akiram AB and Medivir AB. Anna’s career also includes significant contributions as a Managing Director and founder of SDS Life Science, as well as experience from different roles within the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory authorities.

Her expertise is enhanced by her role as a co-founder of VILDA, a network for leading women in Life Science in Sweden.

Antonio Guglietta

MD, PhD, Board Member

Antonio Guglietta was born 1956. He is a physician and holds an MD and a PhD degree from University “La Sapienza“ in Rome. In addition, he also holds a Management and Business degree from IESE Business School of the University of Navarra in Spain. Antonio has almost 40 years of experience in science, biotech and pharmaceutical industry during which held positions of increasing responsibilities in scientific organizations and companies located in Italy, US, Spain, Belgium and Switzerland.

He has a strong scientific background in several areas and is very skilled in preclinical and clinical drug development, management, and relation with health authorities worldwide. Author of about 200 publications (full articles and congress communications), four books, five chapters in books and 32 patents granted. Antonio brings a rare combination of preclinical development, clinical development, management, and business experience with a proven track of achievements.

Per Agvald

MD, PhD, Board Member, CEO

Per Agvald was born in 1971. He is also a senior consultant at Norra Stockholms Psykiatri and holds a PhD from Karolinska Institute, Sweden. Pers dissertation related to studies of NO- donors focusing on nitroglycerin and has worked at Karolinska Institute and participated in the discovery and development of the unique methods that formed the basis for the detection and characterization of Supernitro.

Per is one of the founders and current principal owners of Attgeno and, during his years as CEO, Per has led Attgeno from the research phase to a Clinical Stage Company now entering Phase II.

Christofer Adding

MD, PhD, Board Member, CMO (and deputy CEO)

Christofer was born in 1965. He is a senior consultant in urologic surgery at the new Karolinska University hospital where he mainly performs robotic and open surgery including extensive urinary reconstructions on severely ill patients with cancer. He is among medical students, interns and residents an appreciated lecturer in urologic surgery. Christofer also worked in cardiothoracic surgery and performed cardiac surgery procedures. In his role as a surgeon, Christofer has direct clinical experience in patients who suffer from different complications including acute postoperative pulmonary hypertension (aPH).

In combination with his clinical experience, Christofer also has extensive research experience (more than 25 years with over 40 published articles/book chapters), focusing on NO and its function in lung circulation and enhanced surgical recovery programs. He has previously worked as Senior Research Consultant at AstraZeneca with the development of new NO-donating drugs.

With his dual experience in clinical work and research, Christofer has a unique ability to understand the importance of a new and effective treatment for aPH. Christofer has close daily contact with the networks of Supernitro’s likely customers, anaesthesiologists, intensive care physicians and surgeons. With his unique profile, Christofer is an important link to bring Supernitro into the clinical reality. Christofer is one of the founders and current main owners in Attgeno.

Björn Westberg

MSc, Board Member

Björn Westberg was born in 1962. He holds a MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management.
Björn has worked more than 24 years in the Life Science industry, covering Big Pharma (AstraZeneca), CDMO services (Recipharm) and Medtech (Bonesupport), as well as 8 years in the IT-Tech industry (Jeeves and Enea). He has been Group CFO of four companies listed at Nasdaq Stockholm and lead two IPO projects. He has wide experience in Finance, Business control, Financing, M&A, Legal affairs, IT and HR.

Johan Stein

MBA, PhD, Assoc. Professor, Board Member

Johan was born in 1965. He was educated at the Stockholm School of Economics in Stockholm, holds a PhD and is Assoc. Professor and lecturer in economics. Johan has also been fellow researcher at Stanford University, USA.

Johan has long experience in the financial sector working as an analyst manager and chief executive officer of Nordea Investment Management AB. Today he is the managing director of Alfred Berg / BNP Paribas Nordic Small Company. Johan has long and solid experience in investments in the pharmaceutical sector, and this experience and Johan’s network of contacts will be a very valuable addition to the Board of Attgeno.

Jan Sand

PhD, alternate Board Member (right of attendance)

Jan Sand was born 1964. He has a MSc in engineering physics and holds a PhD in optimization theory and systems theory, both degrees from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.

Jan has been active in the financial sector since 1992 and has worked at the Swedish 1-3 AP Fund, SPP (Alecta), JP Bank and SEB. Since 2010 Jan has been a private investor and entrepreneur. Jan Sand was one of the main organizers of the rights issue in Attgeno in 2018 and is a very valuable addition to the Attgeno Board with his broad experience of business building and his sharpness and energy.

Management Team