Attgeno appoints Saurabh Mishra as CFO Attgeno, a privately held clinical stage company devoted to development and commercialization of innovative and effective nitric oxide-donating drugs announces the appointment of Saurabh Mishra as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Read More
Attgeno announces fully subscribed share issue of SEK 12 million Attgeno AB announces that a successful share issue, directed to existing shareholders, has been completed and resulted in SEK 12 million in gross proceeds. The proceeds will be used to finalize the clinical Phase II study in cardiac surgery patients suffering from acute pulmonary hypertension, file an IND-application and continue developing IP protection through new patents. Read More
Attgeno announces fully subscribed share issue to complete clinical Phase II study in acute pulmonary hypertension Attgeno announces that a successful share issue was completed at midsummer 2022 and resulted in SEK 20 million to a valuation of SEK 378 million after the issue. The issue consists of SEK 15 million in a rights issue to existing owners and a directed new issue of SEK 5 million to the Swedish life science focused venture fund Eir Ventures. Read More
Attgeno announces approval of initiation of Phase II clinical trial of Supernitro in patients with acute pulmonary hypertension Attgeno AB today announced that it has received approval from the Swedish Medical Products Agency and the Swedish Ethical Review Authority to start a Phase II clinical trial of its lead drug candidate Supernitro as a potentially lifesaving treatment for patients with acute pulmonary hypertension after cardiac surgery. Read More
Attgeno reports on the completed Phase I study of the drug candidate, Supernitro The last of 38 study participants were treated with Supernitro on 18 May, and the substance has shown good safety and tolerability. No unexpected side effects have been reported. At a higher dose and longer treatment, the expected side effects have been noted in line with the substance mechanism of action – vasodilation through the release of nitric oxide (NO). Read more
Attgeno appoints Björn Westberg as CFO Björn most recently comes from a role as CFO at Enea AB (publ). Björn has extensive experience in the Life Science sector, where he has been active for 24 years in both small biotech and global pharmaceutical companies. In his previous roles as CFO, Björn has had four assignments in Nasdaq-listed companies, including Recipharm and Bonesupport, and has also led projects for listing on Nasdaq Stockholm. Read More
Attgeno appoints Björn Westberg as CFO Attgeno AB announces today that Björn Westberg has been appointed CFO and member of the management team at Attgeno. Björn most recently comes from a role as CFO at Enea AB (publ). Read more
Attgeno reports first healthy volunteers dosed with Supernitro in Phase I trial Attgeno AB today announced that the first 8 healthy volunteers have been successfully dosed in a Phase I clinical study with the company’s lead drug candidate, Supernitro. The trial continues according to the clinical protocol and will include up to 48 healthy volunteers. Read more
Phase IIa study of Supernitro approved Swedish MPA and National Ethics Committee approval of a Phase IIa study of Supernitro in Covid-19 patients with acute PH.
The Supernitro project was granted MSEK 5 in support from Vinnova Swedish government. research fund Vinnova grants Attgeno MSEK 5 for a Phase IIa study in critically ill Covid-19 patients with pulmonary hypertension.
Second financial round oversubscribed rights issue Attgeno completes second rights MSEK 20, oversubscribed with 49%
Clinical Phase I FIH study approved by Swedish MPA
New NO-donating substances In the spring, Attgeno initiated a project to further explore the possibility to synthesize and test a number of new NO-donating substances. Company had the goal to identify 3-5 new substances, but in the end, we have now synthesized 10 new drug candidates.
First financial round – oversubscribed rights issue Attgeno completes a first rights issue of 30 million SEK and previous loans are converted to new shares. The Attgeno board of directors is renewed to strengthen competence regarding business and pharmaceutical development.  In autumn 2018, the Supernitro project was granted 5 million SEK in support from SweLife, (Swedish government research fund).
Tox studies collaboration Toxicological MTD and 2-week daily repeated dose studies are carried out in collaboration with Swetox (RISE), Sweden and Accelera in Italy. The tox studies are done in rodents and non-rodents (rats and dogs) with excellent results regarding safety. 
Supported by Karolinska Institute The company is supported with grants from Karolinska Institute Innovation AB to promote business development.The company adopts a clear strategy developing Supernitro for the treatment of acute Pulmonary Hypertension.  Funds for intensified development are provided through a convertible loan and soft money from the Novo Nordic Foundation, SweLife and Karolinska Innovation.
Supernitro patented Attgeno AB receives patent protection for both the method of generating new compositions and substance patents for Supernitro.
Attgeno registered Attgeno AB is registered to facilitate the commercial development of the new concept for creating new NO donating compositions.  Patent development is funded by own resources and in part by the company Aerocrine who receives the rights of Attgeno´s patent application for the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism. Attgeno wins the first prize in Karolinska Institute’s innovation competition.
The start Professor Lars Gustafsson and Magnus Persson discover that endogenous NO can be measured in the exhaled air in animals and humans.  The research group launches a comprehensive program to study the importance of NO in the pulmonary and cardiovascular systems and the potential of the discovery of NO for future diagnostics and therapy.  Christofer Adding and Per Agvald and towards the end of the period Kristofer Nilsson. Dag Linnarsson is linked to the group through different research collaborations. Disease animal models for various types of Pulmonary hypertension e.g pulmonary embolism are developed. It is concluded that NO can counteract Pulmonary Hypertension and increase survival.  A new method to create compositions capable of delivering NO via intravenous infusion is formulated and the patent processes begin.

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